can shutting down help in containing the swine flu?

can shutting down help in containing the swine flu?


The solution is definitely not to close schools and public places. For the virus seems to now be in the air.

Mexico, where the spread is believed to have originated, tried this tactic. Schools, colleges, malls and public places were closed for over five days by the first week of May. This was to prevent the virus from spreading to other parts of the globe. The virus not only spread to many parts of the world in about six weeks time but also infected many more people in Mexico over the next few weeks.

United States, where the flu first moved from Mexico, did not adopt this strategy of shutting down and worked to other preventive measures and providing timely medication.

Closing down will not help. For how long can we close down? One week? Two weeks? And then what? The virus will not disappear. Surely not in such a short time.And consider the damage done to the economy in the shut down period.

Rather the solution is to take proper care. Like washing well, sleeping well, drinking lots of water, taking steps to improve the immune system. Of course, if one has fever and related symptoms one should check out with the doctor. And take proper rest till recovered and may be sometime after recovering. Schools should work to ensure that any potential student is quickly identified and referred to medical care.


19-Mar-2015 09:37:22 IST