what can be done to reduce ragging in schools

what can be done to reduce ragging in schools


What Needs To Be Done?
A Commitzee. P°P ularly known as Raghavan Committee, constituted by the
Supreme Court Ol India to make suggestions for prevention of ragging in
educational institutons has also made a strong case for regular and periodic
psychological counseling sessions for every student in the school.
A school should preferably have a full time Counsellor at each level of schooling
such as Primary, Upper-Primary and SecondarylSenlor.
At Secondary and Senior Secondary stages nt least twenty sessions of
psychological couns sing must be provided to every student in an academic
session. Parents and teachers may also be Involved in such sessions.
‘Health and Wellness Clubs' already constituted by schools should act as
monitoring cells for maintaining a conmnt vigil to promote preventive measures
to curb violence in any form. Incase any act of violence is reported, timely and
prompt action must be taken.
Manuals on Life Skills, Comprehensive School Health and Adolescence
Education wl' ich cont-am activities on Value Systems. Human Rights, Gender
Sensitivity. Self Esteem, Interpersonal Communication, Coping with Stress,
Dealing with Anger, Coping with Emotions, Empathy, and Resistlng Peer
Pressure need to be religiously taken up in the activity periods. These can take
the form of Role Plays, Street~Theatre (Nukkad Natak), Group-Discussions,
Debates etc.
Peer Educators and Pc er Mentors need to be empowered to create awareness
and monitor tha sensitvs zones in schools such as canteens, playgrounds,
corridors, bathrooms and dormitories. Any untoward incident must be
immediately reported.
Counsellors in all schools and Wardens in boarding and residential schools
need to be sensitized tm the changing dynamics of student lnteraction.They
should be empalhetic anal approachable so that students can confide ln them.
The occurrence of such acts has more probability ln case nf residential schools
due to the amount of time spent together by students.
Role of parents in Parert Teacher Meetings. representation ln varioxs other
school Committees and parllclpatlon in l-lealth Club initiatives must be reinforced.
incase a parent needs to report in confidence about any act of bullying, however
minor, the Head o’ the Orgs nisation must put a mechanism in place which must
also be circulated loparenu.
'No Act of Violence which includes physical or sexual abuse, bullying or
Ragglng will gounnotlced or unpunlshed’ needs to be clearly stated ln the
prospectus and other guidelines circulated by the school. Punishment to be
mated out incase of a student caught in any act of tagging or bullying should also
be clearly spelt out .Parents as well as students need to be swam of the extent ot
punishment posslb e.
~ Drsstlc action should be taken against the ragger without rlsklm; the identity of
the victim The vlctifrr needs counseling which may be taken up by a peer mentor
or Counselor.
» Punishment to be mated out must be commensurate with the gravity of the action.
lt may vary from suspension ln attending classes, collective and heavy fine
incase of group offenders and even goto the extent of rustlcatlon or expulsion.
» Life Slrills are being rehected in the Continuous and Comprehensive
Evslustlon Card. Any form of deviant or aggressive behaviour must also be
recorded in behavioural terms.
Any school which ls found to default on any of the above directives wil be penalized
severely and stringent a :lion to the extent of disafhliatlon may be taken against them.
ln all such cases lt is the llead of the Organisation who will be held accountable.
This may be brought to he notice of all the students. teachers and parents.

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