cbse cce software, cce parikshaphal :cbse cce software: report card generation software as per cce guidelines

cbse cce software, cce parikshaphal :cbse cce software: report card generation software as per cce guidelines


 After launch of PARIKSHAPHAL: Progress Report Card Software for Schools in October 2009, SARMANG SOFTWARE, Dehradun has now came up with report card software based on latest Comprehensive and Continuous Evaluation (CCE) guidelines of Central Board of Secondary Education(C.B.S.E.); The software simplifies the task of preparation of progress report card by providing real time access of exam marks related information. Now, subject teachers just have to enter the subject marks into CCE PARIKSHAPHAL software and report card is automatically generated.


All the calculations required in report card preparation like conversion of marks into grades on 9 point scale, calculation of percentage of marks from formative assessment test and summative assessment exams, calculation of term totals, grand total, conversion of grand total to grade, calculation of subject percentile of each student, assignment of grades for scholastic areas & co-scholastic areas on 3 point scale and 5 point scale are done automatically by the software.

While the manual system takes more than 6-7 days in preparation of report card, the software does the same work just in 10-20 seconds with few mouse clicks. Student Personal Details, Student Health details, Attendance, Class teacher & Principal name, are automatically embedded in the report card . The system is more accurate and reliable as there is no chance of manual errors in calculation of percentage, term total, grand total, grades & percentile and assignment of grades.

The software is designed to run on any web browser, computer hardware and operating system. As it is client server based web application it can be easily accessed through any computer on LAN without any additional software installation on the client machine. All the records of student marks are stored in a central database. For security and authenticity of data separate login's for subject teachers & principal are provided. The software automatically takes the backup on quarterly basis.

The CCE PARIKSHAPHAL is fully customizable and can be customized as per school requirement, it saves precious time of class teachers and school administrators. Three different versions of CCE PARIKSHAPHAL are designed for Class I-II, Class III-V and Class VI-XII, in addition to this, special package for class IX-2009 is also designed as per CCE guidelines of CBSE. "CCE PARIKSHAPHAL license is available for outright purchase as well as on rental basis on annual/quarterly/monthly installment.

Customized version of PARIKSHAPHAL: Progress Report Card software for schools affiliated to ISC, ICSE, Uttarakhand and other boards is already available.


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