method of admission

method of admission



Sports & Games



Adventure Activities for admission to Science/Commerce stream

Concession of marks


Participation at SGFI or equivalent level.

A’ certificate and participation in Republic/PM Rally

Rashtrapati Puraskar award certificate


07 marks


Participation at KVS State level

A’ certificate and best Cadet in distt/State level

Rajya Puruskar award certificate with 07 proficiency badges.


05 marks


Participation at KVS State Level

A’ certificate

Tritiya sopan certificate with 05 proficiency badges

Participation in at least one 10-days adventure activity

02 marks


Maximum concession under Sports / Games / NCC / Scout / Guide/Adventure will not exceed 07 marks.In case of eligibility for more than one concession under different categories as mentioned at (a) and (b) above, only one concession having maximum advantage to the candidate will be allowed.


  1. Admission of non eligible children of Embassy Officers in KV, Kathmandu in class XI (Sc.) will be decided by the Commissioner, KVS on case to case basis.

(d)  Principal may admit children to class XI only up to the permitted class strength defined in para 8(A).

(e)    A student who was earlier not found eligible for admission to a particular stream may be allowed fresh admission to a particular stream in class XI in the next academic session, if he/she improves his/her performance within one year from the same Board.

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