my memories - the "millennium batch"

my memories - the "millennium batch"


It has been good 10 years since I left the school. But the memories of this wonderful institution are still present in my mind as clear as ever.


It was the time when madam Minocha was the principal of the school. The Shastry Nagar building was just coming up and there were no railings on the stairs which took us to our class on 3rd flr. And the central drainage line of Ratlam city filled up the ground floor class rooms frequently during rains.

I joined the school in 6th STD. On my first day I was nervous, shy, and apprehensive about the new environment where I thought all the brilliant minds of the town studied. I sat on the last bench with my brother Abhijeet Rajpurohit who helped me a lot during those initial days in getting used to the environment and making a lot of friends who would be my friends forever.

As I got more involved with the school, I made some amazing friends. We played together, studied together, and got punished together. It was the time when Saraswat sir would throw you out of the assembly even if there was a slightest evidence of dirt on your shoes. The house captains were entitled to check your nails and hair even if theirs were not in shape. Rathore ma'am used to be the most dreaded teacher on the planet and Mahendley ma'am the sweetest. Satwant was the first girl friend in class for most of the guys who would otherwise never talk to the girls – “ever”. Going to Mehta madam’s house was a fashion. And most importantly the school conducted its first ever annual function with the girls and guys from high school walking down the ramp on English beats during the fashion show event. It was the time when I had my first crush in school and told Satwant about it who couldn’t keep her mouth shut. Akhil, Abhishek, and I would go to Abhijeet Khadikar’s house before school to park our bicycles and to possibly have Bhindi ki sabji, which aunty made so fantastically.

Partnering with Namit for Kites, playing WWF cards at Namit’s place, playing cricket on the weekends with Parag, Abhijeet, and others became the un-detachable aspects of life.


As the time moved along, we became a family. We entered the higher secondary section of the school. Mrs. DP David, who I admired the most as a teacher, was the principal of the school. The group of friends was separated by the boundaries of the sections. Some took Math whereas some went to Commerce stream. Some left the school for better opportunities in other schools. That was the time when we realized the importance of 10 min break. It was the only time when we could meet our friends from other sections, pass over the gossip of the day from one class to other, and have the best aloo-bada in the town right inside the campus (of course by getting 3 rs. with juggad from friends).

It was the time when Shastry ma'am solved each and every math problem on the planet and students were amazed by the aura of Parag Dahrmadhikari sir who thought every student should clear IIT. It was the time when prodigy Sumit Joshi continued to top the school even with a fractured right had (yes you read it right – fractured hand, he wrote the exam with his left hand and believe me there was not even a minute difference from his actual hand writing).

I took up table tennis after taking inspiration from Prashant Majawadiya. We started playing at Abbu's dining table, then at Abbu's dad's LIC office, and then at the Nehru Stadium. While few of us liked playing during the week and during the weekends, there were a few others like Abhishek who liked sleeping the whole day.

A decent natured chap – Mufazzal – became my best friend with whom I shared all my feelings, thoughts, crushes, goof-ups, and everything possible. I still do!


In the millennium year, we were nearing our graduation with board exams coming up and everyone busy preparing for the exams to the best of their ability. But there was something that tied all of us – “The Millenium Batch” – together and it still does. The environment, the friends, the teachers, everything became the part of life. I wanted to spend more and more time in school. The extra classes were the blessing the disguise. Everybody’s mind was engrossed in the dichotomy of past and the future. We were looking forward towards our career and at the same time looking backwards to see what we will miss after this is over.

The 12th board exam results actually proved that we were the best batch in the history of school. Sumit Joshi missed the merit list by a whisker. That was the closest any student had reached to the 12th Board Merit list. The school has not looked backwards from that point on. It has grown to become one of the best schools in Ratlam city.

There is a lot that this institution has given us. It helped us shape our futures, define our destiny, and inspired us to work towards it. For all of you reading this blog, I request to pen down your memories, incidents, and experiences from the school.

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