schedule and procedure for admission:

schedule and procedure for admission:





Advertisement for admission by Regional offices

First week of Feb. 2009

Sale of Forms & Registration including class X & XII (except class XI)*

15TH Feb. 2009 onwards

Last date of Registration for class I and other classes including class X & XII (except class XI)

20-3-2009( 2 PM TO 5 PM)

Admission test class II onwards including class X & XII

7-4-2009 to 9-4-2009

Declaration of select list & admission for class I

25-3-2009 TO 31-3-2009

Declaration of select list class II onwards including class X & XII


Admission class II onwards including class X & XII

21-4-2009 to 23-4-2009

Registration for class XI*

Within 20 days after declaration of results by CBSE

Display of select list & Admission for class XI

Within 27 days after declaration of Board results by CBSE


Notification for vacancy at Regional & KV Level



1-7-2009 to 7-7-2009

Admission test

10-7-2009 to 11-7-2009

Display of Select list

14-7-2009 to 15-7-2009


17-7-2009 to 20-7-2009

C. Dereservation of reserved seats.

21-7-2009 to 25-7-2009

Last date for admission (against dereserved seats)


D.05 more students could be admitted in each section between 10th August to 30th September provided such candidates are the wards of Central Govt. employees belonging to Category I. In addition to the children of parents transferred during the year, the children of parents belonging to Cat. I transferred during previous year will also be considered eligible for admission if seats are available after accommodating the children of Category-I parents transferred during the particular academic session.

10-8-2009 to 30-9-2009

E. Admission accorded by Commissioner, KVS for the wards of Central Govt./Central PSU employees who are actually coming on transfer after 30th September but up to 30th November subject to availability of vacancies.

Up to 30-11-2009

* Subject to availability of vacancy in a particular class. This includes class X and XII as well.

(III) Registration shall not be done if there is no vacancy or likelihood of any vacancy in a particular class. In case a vacancy arises in future, registration can be made after giving wide publicity at local level and admission can be granted as per KVS Admission Guidelines.

(IV)     For SC, ST and physically handicapped children, the seats will be dereserved only after 20th July, 2009.  If such children approach the school later for admission after this date, they shall be granted admission up to 31st July 2009.

(V)      In case the number of children seeking registration is less because of which all seats have not been filled up, the Principal shall issue a second/third advertisement in the months May and June notifying the availability of vacancies.

(VI)     As per KVS directions, admissions are required to be made with the approval of the Executive Committee of the Vidyalaya. In case the Executive Committee does not approve the admissions up to the full sanctioned strength of the class, the Principal shall intimate this fact to the Assistant Commissioner by the 20th of April and with the approval of the Assistant Commissioner shall grant admission to children as per the admission guidelines for the remaining seats by 30th of April.

(VII)   Registration for class XI shall be taken up immediately after the
declaration of results of class X and admissions up to the full strength of the class as provided in para 8(A) should be completed within 27 days after declaration of results by CBSE . In case there is any difficulty in admitting children up to the full strength because of the Executive Committee of the Vidyalaya not approving the same, the procedure
as laid down for other classes above shall be followed and admissions
up to the sanctioned strength of the class shall be made by the 31
st of
July with the approval of the Assistant Commissioner. Remaining seats, if any , will be filled up from 10
th August but in no case later than
th September.

(VIII) Registration forms shall be made available by the Principal on payment of Rs.100/- along with school prospectus.

(IX) Registration forms complete in all respects and accompanied by all required documents must be submitted to the Vidyalaya office within the prescribed date.

  1. Attested copies of the following documents would be required to be submitted along with the application form for registration :-


    1. For Class I, certificate of proof of age in the form of a birth certificate issued by the authority competent to register births. This will include certificates from Notified Area Council / Municipality / Municipal Corporation, extract about the date of birth from records of Village Panchayat, Military Hospital and service records of Defence personnel. For other classes, the date of birth recorded in the transfer certificate issued by a school recognized by the State Education Department would be accepted.  Admissions upto class-V may be granted without any school transfer certificate provided the child is otherwise eligible and his birth certificate has been issued by a Govt. body.

    2. For grand children of Hon’ble Member of Parliament and PSU employees a proof of relationship of either of the child’s parents with the Hon’ble Member of Parliament or PSU employees and declaration of dependency would be needed.

    3. For grand children of KVS employees a proof of relationship would be required.

    4. A certificate that the child belongs to the Scheduled Caste/Scheduled Tribe, wherever applicable, issued by the competent authority.  A certificate in respect of any parent may be accepted initially for the purpose of admission, if this certificate is not available for the child.

    5. A certificate from the civil surgeon/rehabilitation center or any other competent authority defined by the Government of India
      O.M. No. 36035/5/88/Estt.(sct) dated 4.5.1999 certifying the child to be handicapped, wherever applicable.
      In case, where the handicap of the child can be visually seen by the Principal, the child may be accepted as handicapped even without a certificate. However, the parent may be advised to obtain the relevant certificate.

    6. a service certificate showing the number of transfers during the preceding 7 years duly signed and stamped by the head of office bearing the name, designation and other relevant particulars in block letters.   

    7. A certificate of retirement for uniformed Defence employees.


Note :

(I) Mere registration will not confer a right to admission.     

(II) Incomplete application forms shall normally be rejected. In case vacancies remain, the Principal may allow completion of the form later at his discretion.

(iii) Admission secured on the basis of any wrong certificate shall be cancelled by the Principal forthwith and no appeal against such action of the Principal shall be entertained. However, admission may be granted on provisional basis, if certain documents/certificates are not available provided required documents/certificates are submitted to the Principal latest by 31st July.

(iv) When a child is registered for admission in class I in a Kendriya Vidyalaya but, before the declaration of the result, his parent is transferred to another station, the child should be deemed to have been registered for admission in the Kendriya Vidyalaya at the station of posting even if the last date of admission at that place has expired.  

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