no clarity regarding the ews category for nursery admission

no clarity regarding the ews category for nursery admission


It has been seen that awareness about the admission in nursery school is quite low among economically weaker section of the society and other disadvantaged groups. Most of the parents don’t have any idea what to do or what documents needs to be required at the time of nursery admission in private schools. Telling them about the process of online will make no sense. It’s not same as government can simply issue a notification and the parents who live in jhuggis will put out laptops, read and execute it.

Parents who are looking for admission for their children into nursery this year say a bold government is the need of the hour as no uniformity in timeline for nursery admission is there. Also, clarity over criteria for adopting seats is also not present. Parents are very much confused over minimum age and other process for nursery admission.

The Delhi Government has also said that every school should also ensure that a notice board incorporating the basic information must be put at the entrance of the main gate.

In addition to this, all the schools have not uploaded their nursery admission criteria on their website yet. The Government told that schools needs to upload their nursery admission criteria along with important points by December 31 positively.

16-Jan-2016 10:10:48 IST
Posted By Pawan Goyal