modern public school shalimar bagh nursery admission schedule and criteria for session 2013-14

modern public school shalimar bagh nursery admission schedule and criteria for session 2013-14


                                                                                                  Modern Public School                                                                                                                                           .                                                                                            Shalimar Bagh, New Delhi

Nursery School Admission Schedule And Criteria Session 2012-2013:

S.No.                                                          Criteria                                                                          Range of Points

1.                                    Neighbourhood      :      0  upto   3 Kms.                                                            40

(  Kms are specified area wise in point   :       Above   3 .upto   5 Kms.                                              20

   No. 8 of General Instructions)                 :      Above   5  upto   8 Kms.                                               10

                                                                         :      Above   8  upto  10 Kms.                                                5

                                                                         :      Above 10 Kms.                                                                 0


2.                                  Alumni                      :          Father                                                                           15     

                                                                        :          Mother                                                                          15     

3.                                                              Girl Child                                                                                       10

4.                                                Sibling / First born child                                                                            10

5.                                                         Transfer cases                                                                                  10

                                                                  Total                                                                                             100

General Instructions 

1. Registration

i)    The admission process has been carefully designed to provide equal opportunity to all applicants and to  maintain transparency in the admission procedure.

ii)   Registration Forms for admission in General category can be downloaded from the school website            ( .  Duly filled up forms can be submitted in the  school on all working days from 02 nd January, 2012  to  16th January, 2012 between  8.30 a.m. and 12.00 noon.

iii)   Registration Forms for EWS category  available in the  school on all working days from  02nd January, 2012 to 16 th January, 2012 between 12.00 noon and 1.30 p.m. 

iv) Incomplete forms will be rejected.

2. Vacancies for New Admission during the session 2012-2013

S.No.                                         Particulars                                                          Total Number

1. Pre School

i)                               General category        =      88

ii)                                 EWS                           =      40                                                      160

iii)                            Management Quota    =      32


3. Age Criteria      : Pre School  -  Minimum Age 3 years as on 31st March, 2012 ( Children whose date of  birth  falls between  01st April 2008  and  31st March,  2009 only  are   eligible  for   registration  for  the   Academic     Session  2012- 2013) 

4. Reservation of Seats : EWS, Management Quota and General Category.

5. Submission of Registration Forms :    

General Category :    Submission of  Form at school from 02 nd January, 2012 till 16th January, 2012  between 8.30 a.m.  and 12.00 Noon on all working days.  

EWS Category     :   Submission of  Form at school from  02nd January , 2012 till 16 th January, 2012  between 12.00 Noon  and 1.30 p.m. on all working days.

6. Schedule for General and EWS Categories Admission

a) Availability of Registration Forms  : 02.01.2012 to 16.01.2012  

b) Last Date of submission of Registration Forms : 16.01.2012

c) Display of Scrutinized List for Draw (General) : 25.01.2012                   

d) Display of First List & Waiting List : 28.01.2012

e) Last Date of depositing fees from First List : 07.02.2012

f) Display of selected students from Waiting List /Second List : 14.02.2012

g) Last Date of depositing fees from Waiting List /Second List : 21.02.2012

h) Display of Scrutinized List for Draw (EWS) : 02.03.2012

7. Documents to be submitted at the time of Registration.

a) One passport size photograph of the child, Mother, Father and Guardian.

b) Attested photocopy of the Birth Certificate issued by the MCD/ appropriate authority.

c) Residential Proof. 

d) In case of  Alumni ,Sibling and Transfer Cases proof of the same would be required.

e) In case of the child being the first born, affidavit stating the same has to be given by the parents.(Click on Affidavit to get the format)

f) Additional documents for EWS Category :

i) Income Certificate from concerned Sub-Divisional Magistrate.

ii) Proof of staying in Delhi for last 03 years.

iii) Affidavit ( language of the affidavit is available at school).

8. Distance from school to different areas as per existing school bus routes.

0  to 3  Kms:    

Shalimar Bagh (All Blocks),  Ashok Vihar  upto Central Market, Pitampura (T.V. Tower, Income Tax Colony and Muni Maya Ram Jain Hospital)

Above 3 upto 5 Kms. 

Ashok Vihar, Montfort School,  Satyawati College,  Lakshmibai College,  Bharat Nagar,   J.J. Colony,  Nimri Colony, Shakti Nagar Extension,  Lawrence Road,  Keshav Puram,  Tri Nagar,  Kanhiya Nagar,  Kohat Enclave,  Kapil Vihar, Prashant Vihar,  Aashiana Chowk,  Jhulelal Apartment,  Saraswati Vihar,  Harsh Vihar,  Lok Vihar,  Rani Bagh,  Sainik  Vihar,  Model Town I, II,  III, Tagore Park,  Gujrawalan Town,  Azad Pur,  Mahendru Enclave, Dera Walan Nagar,  State Bank Colony.  

Above 5 upto 8 Kms.

Nanak Piao Gurudwara,  Camp Chowk,  Vijay Nagar,  Kalyan Vihar,  Gupta Colony,  Rana Pratap Bagh,  Priyadarshini Enclave,  Gur Mandi.   Roop Nagar,  Maurice Nagar,  Nangia Park,  Timarpur, Shastri Nagar,  Gulabi Bagh,  Dhakka Chowk,  Permanand Colony,  Indira Vihar,  BBM  Depot,  Hakikat Nagar,  Outram Lane,  Rohini  Sector 6, 7, 8, 9, 11, 13, 14, 15,  16,  17,  18).

Above 8 upto 10 Kms.

Kamla Nagar,  Ghanta Ghar,  Nirankari Colony,  Mukherjee Nagar (East),  Mukherjee Nagar  Bandh,  Rohini Sector                      1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6  Mangol Puri,  Avantika Chowk.

Above 10 Kms.

Roshnara Road,  Malka Ganj,  Sabzi Mandi (Burf  Khana)


Kindly note the following :

1.    Affidavit to be made on non judicial stamp paper of ` 10/-,

2.   It should be attested by Notary Public and  Notorial Stamp of  `  5/- should be affixed on  it.


                                          AFFIDAVIT FORMAT

WE , _______________________________& _____________________________

                  (Name of the father )                                        (Name of the mother)

r/o ________________________________________________________________

do hereby solemnly affirm and declare as under  :

1. That we have applied for admission of our ward __________________________ 

    in class ___________ under ________  category in  _______________________.

                                                                                                                (Name of  school)

2. That ___________________________ is our first born child having born on 

                           (Name of the child)

      _______________ at _____________________________ .

                (Date of Birth)                   (Place of Birth)

                                                                                        (FATHER)                     (MOTHER)



Verified at Delhi on this ______ day of _____________ 2012 that the contents  of                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

my above affidavit are true to my knowledge; no part of it is false and nothing 

material has been concealed therefrom.

                                                                                                            (FATHER)       (MOTHER)


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