st. vivekanand school d block anand vihar delhi

st. vivekanand school d block anand vihar delhi


Vivekanand School cherishes an Instinct, reaps a trust, carries a mission and nurtures a dream – a dream of being an exceptional institution anchored firmly in the strong roots of its culture, its spiritualism, its moral strength while spreading its branches in the fresh air and fragrant air of technology, progress and development.

The Glorious history of Vivekanand School dates back to its inception in 1978 with a penchant for serving humanity through education living up to the ideology of Swami Vivekanand, the school has a mission statement of providing education where excellence is given by values, success is strengthened by ethics & modernity is fortified by tradition. Driven by flight of fancy & dedication, it is on the flourishing mark of 5200 and is still growing.

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