cbse board exam dates to be out by january 15: times of india

cbse board exam dates to be out by january 15: times of india


New Delhi: Where ICSE has already announced board exam dates, students of classes X and XII studying under Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) will have to wait for another 11 days to know the board examination dates as the final dates will be out only near January 15. CBSE's regional director R J Khanderao, while talking to TOI, said, "We can expect the exam dates to be out by or on January 15."

However, the news has helped in lowering down student's anxiety which otherwise has been increasing with every passing day. Atul Sharma, a Class XII student of Commerce, said, "Since December I have been regularly checking CBSE's website to know the exam date. But now I can relax as I know it will be out by January 15."

Swati Duggal, another Class XII student with non-medical, said, "I have been preparing for All India Engineering Entrance ExaminationAIEEE) as well. Therefore, I want to be clear about the dates so that I can prioritize and make my study time table accordingly."

Sheekha Narang, a Class XII student with Commerce, said, "I am unable to decide as to which subject I should prepare first. So if the exam date is out and I have the date sheet in front of me then I will be able to set the schedule accordingly."

Abhay Singh, a Class X student, said, "My anxiety took a toll when I got to know that ICSE has declared the examination date. Since then I have been regularly checking the CBSE website." His friend cum classmate Saurav Kant said, "I wonder if like ICSE even CBSE will schedule the exams in February as in that case there will be very less time for preparation."

In schools under Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE) board exams for Class X will begin from February 27 where and exams for Class XII will begin from February 13. The dates have been scheduled in February this year to allow time for students to prepare for various entrance tests.

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