delhi govt quotes rte, says 3+ age for pre-school okay: news express

delhi govt quotes rte, says 3+ age for pre-school okay: news express


New Delhi:As the nursery admissions rush gains momentum in the city, Delhi Directorate of Education (DoE) has defended its position on allowing 3+ as the age for entry in unaided schools.

According to its affidavit in the Delhi High Court, the Right To Education (RTE) Act enables the DoE to allow children above the age of 3 years to be prepared for the elementary education.

In response to a PIL that has that challenged the Delhi government?s December 16 order, allowing unaided private schools to go ahead with the admission of 3+ children in pre-school classes, the affidavit has stated that provisions of the RTE Act ?shows there is a need of pre-school education for children below 6 years of age? and that the 2009-legislation ?nowhere bars schools from running pre-school classes?.

Seeking to defend the notification, the affidavit contended that it was in sync with all the constitutional and statutory provisions, particularly in view of the RTE Act, which asks the government to prepare children above the age of three years for elementary education and to provide early childhood care and education for all children until they complete the age of six years.

The petition by Ashok Agarwal, who appeared for NGO Social Jurist, had claimed that the current admission process that permitted nursery admission of children below four years of age in the city schools was in breach of the Ganguly Committee recommendations, the affidavit argued that the decisions by the High Court on its implementation had been challenged in the apex court and matter was pending there.

19-Mar-2015 09:37:22 IST

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