no seat vacant for fresh admissions in kg: delhi education news

no seat vacant for fresh admissions in kg: delhi education news


New Delhi: Parents, who were unable to secure a seat for their child last year in nursery have no where to go. As four-year now, their child is eligible for admission to KG (pre-primary). But most of the schools are not opening fresh admission in KG saying their seats are full with nursery batch promoted to KG.

The Ganguly Committee recommended KG as the entry level but almost all schools consider nurseryas an official start to schooling leaving little scope for fresh admissions in KG. The High Court is anticipated to decide on the matter on Januray 6, 2012.

A mother said that her son will be four years old now and she was planning to applyin KG this year. Astonishingly, most of the schools are not opening admission in KG. She had applied to 20 schools last year for her son's admission. This year too, she is not hopeful about nursery either. She wonders where all the seats that were not filled by EWS last year went.

Another parent who did not apply last year for admission when his son was 3 year old considering him too young is left with no option this year. He expressed that only few convent schools admit students directly in KG. But it seems unlikely to secure a seat there as they have a quota for Christian candidates.

Several schools like Delhi Public School (DPS), Springdales, Mother's International has not opened admission in KG yet. Some of them may have one or two vacancy in KG provided existing students in nursery withdraw.

Though many schools prefer 3 years old in nursery but few, such as The Shri Ram School and The Indian School also prefer older children at this level. They often encourage a little older child in nursery.

In other schools also, such as Tagore International, parents of four-year old canapply in nursery as there is no upper age limit. But their chance of securing a seat is low because most of the applicants would be three-year old.

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