nursery admission age should be 4 yrs hrd minister kapil sibal recommended to delhi govt

nursery admission age should be 4 yrs hrd minister kapil sibal recommended to delhi govt


HRD Minister Kapil Sibal has recommended to Delhi Govt that age for nursery admission should be 4 year.Earilier age for nursery admission is 3 year.child below 4 year should stay one more year at home says kapil Sibal in a meeting school administrators and parents from the national capital.

New Delhi, Feb 15 (IANS) In an attempt to standardize non-formal education and bring reprieve for tens of thousands of children and their parents, the human resource development (HRD) ministry and school principals Monday decided to raise the nursery admission minimum age to four years from the present three-plus in Delhi.
After a meeting with school principals and parents, HRD Minister Kapil Sibal said that “a consensus has emerged that nursery admission will not take place before a child reached the age of four.”

This will reduce “unnecessary stress on children and their parents,” the minister said.

Sibal said that parents and principals came to him saying that “the present system of education in Delhi is traumatic for children”.

“If a three-year-old child faces psychological pressure, then it is injustice. I believe, it’s not fair to give children stress. So pre-school should not start before four,” the minister said after his interaction with school principals and parents.

However, the measure can only be implemented after Delhi government accepts it, as education is a state subject.

“I cannot implement it immediately, but I am writing to Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit recommending this,” Sibal added.

“I have already spoken to Sheilaji and she told me to write to her about the consensus. I will write a formal letter,” he said stressing that there is need to standardize pre-school education.

Sibal said once the measure is accepted by the Delhi government, nursery admission will be fixed at four and admission to kindergarten (KG) will be at the age of five. Finally, a child will start his Class 1 formal education at the age of six.

When asked whether he will recommend this age slab as an all India procedure, Sibal said: “Education is a state subject and it’s not in my hand. But this should be an all India procedure.”

“In the next CABE (Central Advisory Board of Education) meeting I will put it as an agenda. I will also write to states,” he said, adding that in Scandinavian nations, formal education starts at six years of age.

Elaborating on the nursery school admission, the minister said that he has suggested that nursery and kindergarten education (non-formal education) should be imparted outside the campus of the school imparting formal education.

“Children should not feel that they are under the rules of a formal school. They should enjoy their learning. The focus should be on children not on schools,” he explained.

19-Mar-2015 09:37:22 IST

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