staff-specific workshop on self-development at dps, greater noida

staff-specific workshop on self-development at dps, greater noida


The staff members of the school took part in a staff-specific workshop on self-development on January 2 & 3. The workshop taught a lot to them about necessary skills like communication power, observation power, focusing skill, how to perform in crises, and how to lead a satisfactory life, and above all, how to motivate students.

The workshop was conducted by Dr. VK Arora who is an excellent trainer in this field, and Dr. Sharda Nayak, director of Educational Resource Centre. The 2-day workshop was very much mentally stimulating and had the right impact on listeners.

Dr. Sharda spoke about the power of EQ (emotional quotient) and asked to maintain a nice balance between pessimism and optimism. Dr. Arora told mantra of success and satisfactory life. He asked audience to follow good values, serve honestly, serve humanity and chase excellence, not money or success.

The school principal Kamini Bhasin thanked both for giving such a wonderful training to the staff. The event ended with a cultural show by the music department of the school.

19-Mar-2015 09:37:22 IST

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