Schoolspedia Vision

*Schoolspedia Vision:*
“A school without computer can also have an online presence”, this is

what I dream about schoolspedia.this is the dream which does not let me
sleep when I start thinking about schoolspedia.

In November 2008, when I started searching information about schools for my

niece admission, I found that it’s very difficult to find information about
schools, even if you find that, that information is not updated. Then I
talked to some schools why they have not updated information on their school
website and found that they feel it’s a liability to have a website. Some
schools get their website created but never updated. It’s a fact that having
a schools website which is regularly updated, user friendly, upto the web
and Google standard is very costly and huge pain for schools.

We want to schoolspedia a web platform where creating school's online presence (portal) and

regularly updating information is very easy and cheap. We want to make it so
easy that schools admin can easily update information at schoolspedia
without any technical help. If a school does not have computer and internet,

they can call schoolspedia team, which update their schools content
asap.Schoolspedia will process the information of all schools and provide to
parents the tools for finding best schools near their home, comparing schools,
rating schools.

Schoolspedia will provide standard features to schools when they get

added on schoolspedia. Some of the custom feature can be added to a
particular school site with minimum cost. Schoolspedia will keep on doing
research and development to build tools to make schools and parents life

 From Schoolspedia Team